Raindrops EP




When did you start making your own music?

2007 I attended a workshop for hip hop productions and since that I was working on my own beats. A good friend of mine, Heo (PK), taught me some of his skills. He was producing drum and bass for a few years at this point, which took me completely into drum and bass. In 2009 a good friend and producer called Scoville and me attended a DJ workshop together. I stopped djing and producing for a while and since fall 2011 I’m back.

What are your influences?

Producers and DJs who keep on producing quality tunes in the scene. Just like Culture Shock, Rockwell, Noisia, Logistics, Calibre and the list goes on and on. Also musicians from other genres like hip hop or electro house, minimal, etc.

What does the GreenClub especially mean to you?

The GreenClub is a platform which supports me to make my name, my sets and my tunes famous in the scene, especially in Salzburg. Hanging out with the crew and celebrating loads and loads of parties is another, awesome side of GreenClub Records.

Which are your favourite tunes?

Culture Shock – Kronix
Chase & Status – Duppy Man
Logistics – Kaleidoscope
Noisia – Monster
Subfocus – Druggy
Calibre – Thirst Dub
Brookes Brothers – Last Night
Pendulum – Another Planet
Jungle Brothers
Rage Against The Machine

Where do you see yourself in 3 years from now on?

Hopefully releasing my tunes on a big and famous label. Work is in progress ;)

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