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GreenClub Records is a dance music record label and a host of drum & bass clubnights in Salzburg.

The label was established in 2008 by CaPrio and his close friend 30liZer and it's still running under this conditions. GreenClub Records is known for it's wicked parties and for the awesome crowd. In addition the musical output is also a notable part of GreenClub Records. GreenClub is proud to call the "Denkmal" in Salzburg it's homestead. By hosting a monthly event called "DenkmalDisko" and a event which takes place every three months in the legendary MARK.freizeit.kultur, GreenClub Records earned much repect in Salzburg.

The third residency ist the famous Jazzit:Musik:Club in Salzburg. This location is renowned in Salzburg's Drum and Bass scene and it provides a lot of space for the crowd.

So keep an eye on this young and vivid crew for forthcoming events and first releases.

The GreenClub Crew:

Artists who are signed to Green Club:

CaPrio / 30lizer / Whatson / Malloc / Instance

Technical support:

Manuel Bachinger (Web Design/Art)
visit goobah arts

Christoph Witzko (EDV/Streaming/Hosting)
visit christophwitzko.com


Julia Schenk (Photography/Editing)

GreenClub Records Timeline:

2008: Label created by CaPrio & 30lizer in the basement of CaPrio's parents house.

2011: GeenClub residency started at Denkmal Salzburg. Malloc & Instance joined the crew.

2012: Second residency started at MARK.freizeit.kultur Salzburg with big success. Whatson joined the crew. First livestream took place in July.

Stay tuned! Keep it rollin’!
GreenClub Records

Content by Whatson and Malloc

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