Raindrops EP




Raindrops EP by CaPrio

GreenClub Records has released its first EP from CaPrio. More informations can be found here.

Now Or Never - Simple Green

GreenClub Records releases its first album for FREE. More informations can be found here.

2 Years of GreenClub

More informations about the big party are available here.

GreenClub interview on the 29th August

Listen to the interview here.

GreenClub LabelNight #2

More informations are available here.

GreenClub Records Shop is now online!

Now you can order awesome GreenClub T-Shirts from our online shop.

GreenClub Live #1

On the 11th July the first GreenClub Livestream took place at live.greenclub-sbg.at.

New Website

The GreenClub has a new website!

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